Flying Doctor Telehealth supporting Health Literacy


The Flying Doctor Telehealth (FDT) team have developed a health literacy resource. The resource aims to help patients get the most out of every telehealth appointment.

What is Health Literacy?
Health Literacy is the ability to obtain, process, navigate and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.

RFDS Victoria want to ensure patients feel confident and empowered to ask questions during appointments. Therefore, a focused resources for patients has been developed to use before and during appointments.
Clinics have a supply of the health literacy resource (as notepads) for their patients. The resource is given to patients at least one week before their appointment. This allows them time to prepare questions ahead of their appointment. They will also receive the health literacy resource along with their upcoming appointment details in the mail. Telehealth facilitators will advocate for patients to ask questions during appointments. Specialists also allow time to go through prepared questions.

More information regarding FDT Health Literacy can be found on the telehealth website health literacy page, with a training module to learn more about Health Literacy and the resource.

Click here to download and print the resource.