What is it?

Cardiology Telehealth service connects patients with cardiac issues in rural Victorian communities with a cardiologist in Melbourne. Patients are supported by an appointment facilitator such as a community nurse or practice nurse. The service sees adult patients with hypertension, non-urgent chest pain, congestive cardiac issues, cardiomyopathy, palpitations or conduction issues.

Who does it?

The program is based on a strong partnership with Cardiologist Dr Anthony Dortimer and local rural health services. Dr Dortimer is highly experienced in all areas of cardiology and has a particular empathy in establishing compassionate and understanding relationships with his many patients.

Our Cardiology Specialist:

Telehealth Referral Pathway

This referral pathway outlines the suitability of patients for Flying Doctor Telehealth
and provides further instructions as to what information to include in a referral to Flying Doctor Telehealth.