Online agreement for the use of
the patient booking platform – Mobile Eye Care program

The purpose of the online agreement:
This online agreement is to ensure that the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and host health service are aware of the purpose and intended use of this patient booking platform, as well as the responsibilities of all parties.

The booking platform:

  • This platform is a patient booking system for the Mobile Eye Care program.
  • The platform is accessed by the host health service and Mobile Eye Care program staff (inclusive of staff at the Royal Flying Doctor Service & nominated partner(s) of optometry services).
  • The intended outcome of the host health service managing patient bookings is to utilise local knowledge of community need for Optometry services, ensure that the booking of patient appointments is simple and efficient for clients and to contribute to a collaborative program.
  • The term of this agreement is for 24 months and following this period the agreement will remain active until a new agreement is completed.
    If either party wishes to cease this agreement prior to the 24-month period, confirmation of cessation must be received in writing.

Responsibilities of the host health service:

  • The health service will nominate one or more ‘Appointment Facilitator(s)’ who will manage the booking and attendance of appointments for clients.
  • The health service will adhere to all patient privacy and confidentiality laws.
  • The health service will not share their allocated log in details with any other site.

Responsibilities of the Mobile Eye Care program:

  • The Mobile Eye Care program staff will adhere to all patient privacy and confidentiality laws.
  • The RFDS will provide timely and adequate training to host health services on the use of this booking platform.
  • The RFDS will maintain the functionality of the platform and respond to feedback about any issues that may arise.
  • The RFDS will make themselves available to answer trouble-shooting questions about the use of the platform.

Organisation Details

Authorised Representative Details

I understand that my failure to comply with these conditions will result in my access to the Flying Doctor Telehealth platform being revoked from my organisation.