What is it?

Flying Doctor Telehealth provides access to online telehealth appointments for patients in rural Victorian communities with a Specialist with pain management expertise. Patients with issues related to difficult chronic pain problems, those requiring opioid or non-opioid medication review and possible opioid misuse or dependence issues are suitable for telehealth appointments. Flying Doctor Telehealth provides an appointment facilitator to book and join appointments for patients, at their local health service.

Who does it?

Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria partners with Dr Raymond Chan, an Addiction Medicine Physician. Dr Chan is a specialist with extensive experience and expertise in Addiction and can assist with pain management support. The service aims to assist rural GPs with managing the pain management and addiction health needs of their patients.

Our Pain Clinic Physician:

Telehealth Referral Pathway

This referral pathway outlines the suitability of patients for Flying Doctor Telehealth
and provides further instructions as to what information to include in a referral to Flying Doctor Telehealth.