What is it?

Psychiatry Telehealth service connects rural Victorian patients with mental health conditions or illnesses with a Psychiatrist, via an online appointment. An appointment facilitator located at a rural health service will support patients to book and join appointments. The appointment facilitator will leave the room when the appointment starts, unless the patient indicates otherwise.

There are some specific requirements that patients must meet to access a Flying Doctor Telehealth psychiatry appointment. Please see the referral pathway for further information regarding suitable patients.

Who does it?

Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria partners with multiple specialist psychiatrists to support the needs of clients across their lifespan. Our psychiatrist services include paediatric, adult, and geriatric psychiatry to assist rural GPs with managing the mental health needs of their patients.

Our Psychiatry Services:

The referral pathways outline the suitability of patients for Flying Doctor Telehealth Psychiatry services and provides further instructions as to what information to include in a referral to Flying Doctor Telehealth.

Please ensure you view the appropriate referral pathway for your needs.

Child & Adolesant Psychiatry

Adult Psychiatry